Instafriday [my first time!!]

it's my first time linking up for instafriday because i am a new iphone owner. yay! and while i could have linked up my mobile photos before, everything is just so much easier/prettier from an iPhone.  the coolest thing about this post? i uploaded ALL the photos from my phone straight into blogger, and then came on the computer to type everything out. easy!

[harder than i thought... once i published, there were all sorts of photos showing up that i didn't know were there in draft-mode... sorry for the confusion. hoping its all fixed now!]

so here's my first-week-with-my-iPhone, in photos:

here's my fall "mantel". we don't actually have a mantel [we sort of do, but it's like 2 inch brick that just happens to be there, because it makes up the fireplace. i'd love to put in a real wood mantel someday] so anyway, i use the piano for anything mantel-ish. 

this is my view every friday night [sometimes saturday]. 
you remember how my husband is a high school football coach, right? 

aaand, this was saturday night. when he's not coaching, he's scouting out next week's opponent. and this time it was close to our house so he called me to join him for the second half :) it was sort of a date night since the grandparents had Reese for the night. and it was sort of nostalgic because it was where we went to high school. those bleachers are the very place where we first held hands, over 12 years ago. where he asked for my phone number and repeated it to himself all the way home and then called me right away. sweet memories. if we knew then what we know now... well, things probably wouldn't be much different, actually, but you know what i mean.

projects, projects everywhere, waiting to be hung. i have had this "chalkboard" painted and ready to go for about 9 months [used to be a large painting from like kohl's or somewhere that hung above our couches at our old house]. the framed chicken wire was from the last Queen Bee Market. i used it to display hair clips. i can't decide if i want to use it for that , or for displaying photos.

seriously thee best cornbread ever. the end.

keeping up on my Esther study. it's a slow start but i love it. lots of history, which is right up my alley. [mug is from anthro, by the way. my hubby "let me" get a couple the other day since i can't/won't afford anything else in there. i had been eyeing them for weeks. do you justify purchases like that? by telling yourself that you've gone in and looked at the thing four different times and hadn't bought it, so you must reeeallly like it? it's just me, i'm sure. anyway, i'm obsessed and i make hot drinks all the time just to look at them]

shipments going out every few days. lots of friends have taken advantage of the 3 5x7s or 2 8x10s for $15 that i have in the shop. will you be next? check it out here

homemade buffalo chicken nachos. so easy, so good. we ate the whole thing... ooops!

i love when i  hear her sweet voice singing in the back. she'll always yell "turn it up" when it's a song she likes. this one says "bless the Lord, o my soul" over and over, so she mastered it pretty quickly, and sings along. makes my heart happy :) [and how cute are her toms? love 'em. picked them up in newport while we were staying there for blog sugar]

well that's it! a fun little glimpse into my week. i'm hooked on this instagram thing, you guys!

life rearranged


  1. Love it!!! Your view on Friday nights totally brings back memories for me. I used to be a high school football sports writer for a local paper and I had that view every Friday! Well, in the press box, but similar. :)

    How did you upload to blogger!? That's awesome!!


  2. Oh and I LOVE Beth Moore. :) I haven't done the Esther study yet. Hopefully someday soon! ♥

  3. Congratulations on your new iPhone. Maybe someday I'll get one. Pics are great. The football field also brought back memories of HS...waaaaaay back when. And you made me decide what to have for dinner. Have fun with your phone.

  4. i love the mantle and the pink sparkly toms. :)

  5. Love the Esther study! And I completely relate on the Anthro purchase...4x definitely justifies buying that cute mug.

  6. Love your Anthro...mug! Love that store! I also posted apron on my blog about a recent visit to Anthropologie!!!

  7. That was fun!
    The nachos look so yummy!
    GREAT improv on the fall pian-tel! ;)

  8. your "mantle" looks great! i loved doing the esther study...i'm in another beth moore study now, fruits of the spirit...really good too! love the anthro mug!!!

  9. cute aly! ok so the cornbread...I love it too, but use 1/2 cup applesauce instead of oil and its so good! you've got to try it! (if you hate it, Ill buy you a new box :-)

  10. Look at her little TOMS! great pics. The story about you and hubby is too cute.

  11. Fun post! And I loved the Esther story.
    Also, I just made a chicken wire frame that I am giving to a friend. Love it!

  12. I meant to say I loved the Esther Bible study, by Beth Moore. I did it a few years ago. My daughter asked me a question and I got side-tracked. ;)