picture frames

i was brainstorming yesterday and honestly, there are SO many cute things you can do with a picture frame. it doesn't have to be nice, it doesn't have to be the right color, it just has to be four pieces of some kind of hard-ish material [preferably wood] stuck together in a rectangular shape, you know what i mean?

so here are a few things i wrote down, and then i scoured pinterest to find examples.
because otherwise this would be a super boring post :)
[if you follow me on pinterest, i apologize for the over-abundance of frame-pinning]

wrap it with yarn

because, let's be honest... you could wrap anything with yarn and it looks awesome, right?
i could do an entire post on things that are wrapped with yarn.

[sources: vases | lamp shade | gifts | wreath | letters | bottles]

wrap it with fabric

what i love about these first two options, is that you're covering up the actual wood part, so the frame can be as ugly as they come. you can get ugly frames at goodwill for $1.00

spray paint it any color you want

this is perfect if you find a really ornate design but the color or condition isn't great

leave them open with nothing in it

instant cuteness on the wall

leave it open with a smaller sized photo/print in it

i love this look, especially if it's an oddly sized frame but you still want to use it

cover the mat in fabric [or yarn??]

i have quite a few fabric-covered-mats in my house. it adds a little flavor, i think. 
you could also just put fabric in the back and place the photo on top... 
same idea, except you don't need to have a pre-existing mat.
Source: ayummymommy.com via Aly on Pinterest

back it in fabric and glue a clip on it 
for easily interchangeable artwork or photos

i love this idea and will totally be using it in our upstairs hall for my daughter's artwork. 

spray the glass with chalkboard paint
Source: wanelo.com via Aly on Pinterest

there are so many other options:

chicken wire
Source: etsy.com via Aly on Pinterest

twine [yarn?] or wire strung across,
with clothespins for hanging:

lace matting. gorgeous:

frame fabric:

frame within a larger open frame

well, i see i've gotten carried away. hopefully you find some inspiration here!
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  1. I love this post! I want to have 1 frame of each pin...just 1 would be nice;) The instant cuteness on the wall is my fave i do believe.

  2. These are ALL such cute ideas!! I'm all of a sudden struck with the urge to start wrapping things with yarn and spray painting lol! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  3. This is amazing. I have had chalkboard spray paint for MONTHS and now it has a purpose. Thanks for the idea Aly!

    BTW I wrapped a solar system for the boys room in yarn, and it looks awesome, but it took me about 3 days. The circle styrofoam balls are so hard to get JUST right... Totally agree with the yarn fetish, though.

  4. omgosh this is JUST what I needed! I have about 3 frames I wasn't sure what to do with and I was going to check out pinterest for ideas. But you've done all the work for me. thank you :)

  5. I have a fairly large collection of unused frames. Thanks for the inspiration! I will certainly be copying the frame with the clip. I have an ornate frame that is missing glass. This will be the perfect solution!