instafriday #6

we had our last football game last week. lost in the semi-finals :( 
but this little one still had a blast, and no idea that we lost. that made daddy happy.

saturday i made two wreaths. one for the door and one for the entry wall. 
i love when i start and finish projects in a just a few hours. 
it makes me feel so accomplished.

wrapped a few gifts...

made a few hoops
[2 of those are on their way right now to a lucky friend who doesn't even know it. surprise!]

how cute is this packaging? i love doilies and yarn.

she is obsessed with trains. i think i've mentioned that a few times on here

best cookies ever. recipe from here 
[although i switched out the cranberries for walnuts. i don't love fruit in my cookies]

and, last but not least, finishing up some hoops for danielle
they'll be shipping out today 
[finally! she's been sooo patient with me]
these are going to look so cute, huh?
yet again, a shameless link to the shop,
if you want to buy your own :)

don't forget to check out my "suggested reading" for the weekend.
until Monday, my friends!

life rearranged


  1. oh, my, those hoops are adorable! love them.

  2. love the wreaths, doilies and the hoops. :)

  3. Your wreaths are cute! & I loove your gift wrap/packaging. Where do you find the paper doilies? Can you get them at Michael's?

  4. thanks for visiting, ladies! and thanks for your sweet compliments on those hoops. i have too much fun making them :)