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i don't know why friday sneaks up on me every week? i'm always so late posting my photos! 
but i love doing it because it sort of recaps our week.

we made this little gingerbread christmas tree. the icing was way to runny.
it turned out so ugly!! oh well, i looked like the best mom ever and she had fun!

the tangerines are finally ripe enough to eat. i can't get enough. yum!

we had a little picnic at the park. it had rained two days straight so it was good to get out

but then... 
we had to leave the park without getting to swing on the swings [her favorite]
because they were occupied by other kids the whole time.
she literally mumbled under her breath:
"this really isn't my day"...
are you kidding me? i laughed out loud.
and then taught her to focus on all the fun things we did get to do
instead of the one thing we didn't get to do.
not sure she got it. because she kept mentioning the swings...

i've been having A LOT of trouble getting her to brush her teeth. 
so i finally decided to get a sticker chart
[i had leftovers from when i taught fifth grade]
and let her earn stickers for making my morning go smoothly ;)
it started out with little stars but we went to target and got cute stickers, don't worry.

and because it has taken me far too long to upload just these photos 
[something wrong with blogger today] i'm giving up! that's all for today :)


  1. Ha! We just made that gingerbread tree last night, but we had to spit it into two stumpy trees since one kid wanted coconut and the other two didn't!

  2. That gingerbread tree is so cute! What a great idea.. so different from the gingerbread house. love it

  3. ahh everything is so stinkin' adorable!! your daughter is too, too funny hehe

  4. i think your tree looks so cute! and great job on the star chart. that is exactly what i would have suggested (and have done myself...even to this day when I need some more cooperation!) everyone likes a little instant reward, even if only a sticker. bummed i never got around to participating in the well project. merry christmas, pal.