instafriday #10

instafriday sneaks up on me every week, doesn't it?

well, i finally put christmas away...

my husband came home and didn't even notice that the entry looked any different.
i took a photo so you can see the proof of the difference.

remember how i had a bunch of my instagrams printed?
well here's how i have them displayed, for now:

and this:

when we go to target, i almost always bribe her with a chocolate milk or apple juice + cake pop from starbucks. it's so unlike me, but so necessary for everyone's sanity!
for awhile they had the pink pops, but they didn't have any this day.
she was pleasantly surprised and told me:
"i usually like the pink kind, but chocolate is pretty good too"

i finished up these hoops for my lucky giveaway winner, jeannett

and a cute custom-color order for someone else. love the yellow + red together!

this day, we decided to go up on the bank and throw some dirt around.
immediately after she was done, she said
"mama, i'm all dirty! are you gonna clean me?!? get a wipe! clean me!"
she doesn't like being dirty :)

this night, reese suggested costco for dinner.
i'm always happy to oblige a costco run, and it only cost me $3.25 in quarters.
you seriously can not beat that for dinner for 2 [3 if you count baby tessa in my tummy]

and this was my dessert
i happen to be lactose intolerant
but i physically cannot eat chocolate chip cookies without a glass of milk.
now i have myself craving more cookies. and we already ate them all.

happy friday my friends! 
i'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend 
AND a maid coming on monday!?!
[christmas gift from my mom. best thing ever]

life rearranged


  1. first of all, who did you have print your instagrams? they look awesome. secondly, i love your embroidery hoop art. i am pinning it right now and saving it in my shopping folder! LOVE!

  2. oh the starbucks cake pops. how i love them! when i pair one with my grande white chocolate mocha, i have basically consumed an entire week's worth of calories....and it's too good to care ;)

  3. canNOT wait for my hoops! i have the perfect place in my playroom for them!

    where DID you get your instas printed? i'd love to do something similar...although i have no clue where i would put it...i have a really open floor plan which is nice, but leaves you with very little wall space for hanging...which is annyoing.

    thanks for linking up!

  4. Love your hoops! Your decor is inspirational! Please tell us where you order photos from.

  5. hey! HOW do you do those lettering labels on your pics?? i want to do the insta link up for the first time this friday, but it's daunting. you're so good at it...collages and all. i'm totally clueless. i'll take tips you have any :)

  6. o goodness I love your blog and all your decorating!