speaking of Truth

i was contacted a few months ago by a wonderful young woman named sarah, who had seen my etsy shop and wondered if i'd like to advertise [for free] on her soon-to-be-launched blog? um, free ad space? of course i said yes. 

well, her blog launched yesterday [that's a little screen shot up there. it's pretty, huh?] it's called "speaking of truth" and i had no idea i would love it so much. this girl has a way with words, for sure. you've got to head over and start reading, and subscribe, and go back and read everyday :) just to entice you, here's an excerpt i loved:

Within chaos (tension…uncertainty…fear…failure), the weary and mixed up heart of a woman needs to know that she’s held and that she’s okay. She craves the assurance of a compass, something to be trusted, because if she knew she was heading in the right direction—and if she was secure in her destination—she would push through anything.
The more that sinks in, the more it hits her that life isn’t about figuring out the chaos, or cleaning up the mess. It’s about pouring over the Compass

and of course, that's why she calls it "speaking of Truth". if you know Truth, the circumstances don't matter so much, and it's easier to deal with. it's funny [but totally not a coincidence] that this new year i felt God urging me not to come up with a hundred new-year's-resolutions, things i want to accomplish, goals, whatever you want to call them. i can't break fifty habits in a day [or even a year], let alone start fifty new ones. not by my own will, anyway. He was asking me to just know Truth. period. fill my mind with Truth so that there would be no more room for lies. and so that's what i've been doing. every day, reading more Truth, meditating on it, allowing it to transform the way i think... i like this "speaking of Truth" blog. because that's her goal, too.

to celebrate the launch, she's having an awesome giveaway. more than one, actually. there are a few different branches to the blog. there's a place specifically for moms, one for students, one for Compassion, and then the main blog. each little branch is having a giveaway!

so go get encouraged and inspired, and go enter the giveaway[s].

also, don't forget about my coupon code: BABY25 for 25% off in the shop for the rest of this week! i close up Friday night because, if you haven't heard, i'm having a baby next Wednesday :)


  1. New follower here :) Love your shop! And good luck with the baby!!! :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I will definitely have to check her out, thank you :) xoxo