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when i find a blog or a specific post that speaks to me,
i like to share it with all of you.
see that little tab at the top called "suggested reading"
you can find all the blogs/posts i've ever suggested for you, right there :)

okay, so i have a lot to share this week...
i hope you find some time to read at least a few of these. they're really really good.

have you heard of "momastery"
Glennon Melton is witty, which is what first sucks you in. 
but also she's real and honest and grace-filled and compassionate. 
i like the combo :) anyway, the first three posts here are hers:

1) this post was about working vs stay-at-home moms. 
and how we should just all get along! and i totally agree. 
you have to read "friendly fire".

2) here, she really opens up about her life.
and how opening up can help others to open up too, and realize they're not alone.
and how that's sort of how she found her ministry-
literally, just being honest with people so they don't feel alone... that's her ministry.
it's called "telling secrets"

3) and oh, this one called "for Adam" had me in tears. 
because it was convicting to my adult self, but also because i 
so desire to teach these very things to my girls. i just don't know 
that i could've written it just the way she does. it's really moving. 

4) you may have seen my post earlier this week, 
where i introduced a new blog called "speaking of truth"
you have to go check it out. 
just launched on monday so there are only a few posts so far, all amazing. 
just go there and read everything you see, click on the "about" tab, etc. 
you will be glad you did.

5) Jon Acuff is witty too, but he also speaks truth. in this post, 
he explains how we each have a gift. and we should share it, not discount it, 
not explain it away as if it's worth nothing... just go read it.

6) here's Jon Acuff again, for some comic relief :) i was laughing out loud.

7) one of my definite favorites. i pause everything to go read her posts.
you may have read my review of "Grace for the good girl"?
well, this is the author, emily freeman's blog. every word she writes is perfectly appointed.
i loved this particular post called

8) it reminds me of what my friend Leslie wrote about a few weeks ago,
[i also pause everything in order to read her blog, just so you know]

9) and finally, this one was a really great reminder.
it's short and sweet and straight to the point. and so important.
if you only read one thing, let it be this one, cause it'll only take about 30 seconds:

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  1. Thank you! I love these! I have found some of my favorite blogs through your suggestions. :-)