shop is open!

just wanted to pop in and let you know that the shop is back open!
i won't have any hoops listed for a few more months, at least
but for now you can snag some prints or hair accessories
[everything is ready-to-ship!]

here's a glimpse of what you'll find:

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and just in case you were wondering how i'm doing after baby #2, i'm surviving!
i should clarify, because surviving makes it sound like i'm barely getting by... 
which is not true. it's actually been surprisingly easier than i thought.

little tessa is sleeping for 3 hour stretches at night, which is wonderful.

and the whole adjusting-to-two-kids thing hasn't been too bad, so far. 

just managing them, getting them ready, etc, is the hard part.
but so far i don't have any odd behavior issues or jealousy to deal with, which is so nice.
reese has always been easy and compliant, and she's pretty much sticking with that.
it's just the normal logistical issues that you'd naturally run into that's been harder, but totally do-able.
i know there will be good days and bad days, easy days and hard days, 
just like there were when i just had one. 

i think the fact that i'm such a homebody really helps. 
i don't mind being home all day long 
and i don't feel like i need to fill up my schedule
or start getting back into extra-curricular activities any time soon. 
i can see how it would be harder for someone who is used to being busy
or who thrives on being out with other people.
that's just not me.

sooo, though it may be quiet around the blog, all's well in real life!
i couldn't feel more full or blessed or thankful for my little family :)

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  1. Well Id say that feeling blessed and thankful are the best ways one can feel:)
    Congrats on your sweet new girl. Im glad to hear things are going well with Reese. She'll be a wonderful big sister!