instafriday #18

ok so i missed last week... that means i've got 2 full weeks for you. prepare yourself:
1. coconut oil. i use it on my face. try it!
2. i love this top, don't you? i love that it hides my tummy and i especially love the cutesie fabric
3. this lovely iced tea represents a night out all by myself :)
4. i actually started this book. i *never* read fiction, but this is good. of course i haven't finished. once i set a book down it's hard to pick back up...

1. sweet little one with daddy. she looks like a tiny peanut
2. we've started dave ramsey. uh oh.
3. when she skips her nap she falls asleep in the car. which tells me she still needs her nap, right?
4. and here she is minutes later, refusing to cooperate at trader joes. she's staging a protest for having to walk instead of getting to sit in the basket... i didn't tell her to sit there, it's part of the protest.

1. cuties. they are sooo so good. 
2. downton abbey. i finally jumped on the bandwagon. planning to finish this weekend
3. how cute are these hoops in my etsy favorites? check them out here
4. this little one is growing so fast... not fast enough for that headband to look proportional though ;)

we went to disneyland this week. here we are at the parade. don't you just love the twinkle in her eye? everything is so magical for a 2 year old.

aaaaand she's out

1. i had an [after] baby shower this week. here i am, on my way.
2. here's the amazing cake that my hubby's aunt and cousin made. gorgeous huh?
3 & 4. these are from balboa park. this was a seriously beautiful day

more from balboa park

aaaand more from balboa park

1. practicing cute faces :) i love her.
2. the quilt my mother-in-law made for Tessa. so gorgeous i'd put it in my living room if it was bigger
3. and the owl taggie she also made. how cute?!
4. my reward for the "cry-fest 2012 marathon" that was my day yesterday [see below]

and i'll leave you with my disastrously messy house. luckily my husband does not read this blog. or else he would have a literal heart attack. how does it get messy 5 seconds after you've cleaned the entire thing? oh yeah, because you have a newborn who cried allll day long and you couldn't put her down so you couldn't pick up after yourself or your two year old. yeah, that's how.

oh, and make sure to check out the new print designs in the shop! 
[see them all here, buy them here]


  1. Aly, I love Organic Coconut oil! I use it for everything. Cooking, on my face at night, my hair, my elbows, feet. It is great. It has great healing properties.

    Thanks for sharing your baby with us. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your little gals are so adorable. Oh and that owl cake is so awesome!