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instafriday #19

usually i switch around the order of the photos, so they reflect the sequence of the actual week...
but i'm not bothering with that today :) you won't know any different, anyway, right?

so this sweet thing is not the easiest baby in the world. unlike Reese who literally was the easiest baby in the world. she could've won that award if there was one. anyway, little Tess is very gassy/colicky and will cry as soon as i put her down [as long as she's awake, if she's asleep she's good]. for awhile she wasn't even letting me put her in the bjorn. but praise the Lord it worked this time! i got to make dinner! and no, i had not even showered yet at the time i took this photo. it was 5pm

reese has a little stool in each bathroom. 
so in our room, every time she steps up onto it she starts this conversation with herself:
"ok, i'm back. so..." and the proceeds to talk with "the other reese" 
which is what she has named her darling little reflection :)

i've started [non-extreme] couponing. only buying things i would normally buy in the first place, but just looking for the best sales and paring it with a coupon if there is one. it's a lot more work throughout the week, but remember how we started dave ramsey? well, you really think about every penny when you only have a specific amount of cash for groceries. when the cash is gone, it's gone. and you're stuck with leftovers or PB&J or lemons off the tree in the back yard, whatever you have.

this is [one of] my favorite things about having another girl. getting to recycle the darling outfits that you never really got enough use out of with your first, because they grow so fast! this will be Tessa's easter dress. thank you all over again Shelby, if you're reading :)

nana and her grand babies. when i posted this on instagram, laura pointed out that reese looks just like nana. we get that everywhere we go. and, as laura elaborated, it's the chin/mouth/smile... she's totally right! i have it too, and even my brothers do. my grandma and mom's sisters too. 
it is a very dominant feature apparently!

the couponing/shopping-the-sales thing can get a little obsessive. here, Vons was advertising one price [on the left] but once i got to the store it was 50 cents higher? so i'm wondering if it was just an honest mistake [doubtful], or if this is their normal practice to get people to their store and then hope they don't notice, or mention, the discrepancy? i'm still trying to decide if it's worth my time to drive back with the ad in hand, to retrieve the $1.50 that i overpaid? someone suggested that they might give me a full refund for my trouble. but i'm not the type of person who would fight for that if they didn't offer.... hmmm...

i love when we can have a few moments of peace where everyone is happy.
this day, dinner was in the crockpot [those are the best kind of days] and i made some fresh juice. carrot/tangerine/spinach/tomato/apple...
we went outside and relaxed for a while. sooooo nice.

i love daffodil season. the only trouble is, they're already dead after 2 days. any tips?

i had to snap this, because it was a miracle. awake and content in the swing! yay!

from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Truth. 
you've got to get this Bible if you don't have it [even if you don't have little kids, yes, you have to get it]

a few fun things:

i have some new printables in the shop here

and i started a new mini-series, writing out me & my husband's love story :)
it starts here, and i'll be posting a new one each week or so.


  1. Ally, I adore your pics on friday. Your girls are precious. So funny my boys do the same thing in the mirror. Now that I think of it does that ever stop? lol! Have a great weekend.

  2. It must be wonderful to hear her chat with her image in the mirror! What wonderful pictures!

  3. Our third bambino was so not our first two. I remember telling my husband I felt like a brand new mom one night. It was a whole new world. Our little guy ended up on reflux meds, and my life changed. He is a happy little guy now, always smiling. Love me some coupons and that Brody gets to wear AJ's baby clothes. Some outfits just bring back so many memories!


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