instafriday #20

writing out verses on this spiral notecard thing, and i love how it will keep them all together in one place for easy flipping through/memorization. though as i was copying them (from other notecards) i surprised myself by how many i already have memorized!

Reese never wants to dress up. yesterday we were cleaning her room an found this cinderella dress. she immediately asked to put it on :) of course i obliged because she never does this. i loved it :)

we needed a family photo for my husband's job. they're writing about him in their quarterly magazine :)
[taken by melissa sniff, not with my phone, but i instagrammed it so i could put the filter on it, for something really cute i'll share with you in a few weeks]

made my own mocha powder. love it. i've been drinking a few cups a day

this is what no nap looks like- burrito on the floor

which led me to pack up the kids and drive 20 minutes to sonic so they'd fall asleep in the car. vanilla coke for me [though it'll be cherry limeade next time] and nap for her :) i'm tricky like that.

my inlaws got us a juicer for christmas. we use it all the time. this is the usual recipe:

how much do you love this printable? free, here.

happy friday! we have a much needed date night tonight :) which i may or may not be instagramming. my husband hates when i take photos of random things, especially myself and food :)

oh, also check this amazing giveaway alissa is doing. 
i'm offering a set of three prints, winner's choice. all my new designs are available!

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  1. The family picture is beautiful! you have such cute kids. The are adorable!

    stopping by from life rearranged instafriday. Have a great weekend!

  2. She is so cute in those Princess pictures! :) Wish I had a juicer, all those veggies look amazing!

  3. You have such a cute family! Your little Cinderella is precious. I spent last week at Disney and enjoyed seeing all the little girls dolled up in their princess gear. Have a great weekend!

  4. Such cute kiddos! Just found you through InstaFriday & I'm glad I did! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your idea of copying versus down in a spiral notecard book!! I really should do that!! Thanks for sharing that idea!

  6. Such a sweet post! :) Your photos are just adorable! Have a happy weekend {and Palm Sunday}!

  7. Love the family photo! You guys are so cute! And love the pics of Reese playing dress up. Addorable :)

  8. i love the flip notes of scriptures. i need to do something like that! and i've also put my kids in the car so they'd take a nap. it doesn't work quite as well on them anymore though. but now i want a trip to sonic!

  9. That family pic is amazing! You already know how I feel about the spoon, and for the record, my hubby doesn't get it when I take pics of random stuff either ;)

  10. Your new family photo is so cute. And I also pack up the kids sometimes and drive them around for naps. Plus it gives me an excuse to drive through Starbucks.