little bits from the weekend

i had a fun weekend. saturday, i went to a baby shower for my friend Shelby.

and i had to show you photos of the little details because every little thing was awesome. Shelby and her mom [hi guys, if you're reading ;)] are super crafty and creative. the highlights were pennant banners out of thrifted mens' shirts and paper mâché sailboats. cute huh? and her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, who hosted, served up a delicious brunch!

these cupcakes were soooo yummy. and how cute that it looks like sand on top?

her mom, who is like my crafting idol, 
MADE all these shoes and made the little organizer and everything. crazy!!

i made her this hoop. 
and i'll be listing it for sale in the shop later today
because i thought you all might like it too :)

and she gave me these shoes from joyfolie 
[i'm in love and have always wanted a pair of Joyfolie shoes!] 
and a cute little dress for miss Tessa.

oh, and I started printing my prints in-house, so now I can offer every single one of my designs as a finished actual print instead of just an emailed download! yay! 
i'll be printing and photographing more so that i have them all up for sale by the end of the week.
pretty soon I'll be doing a giveaway too! fun huh?!

and then of course, the rain. i LOVE the rain. 
so that was the perfect way to end such a nice weekend!

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  1. sounds like an awesome weekend!
    that hoop is so CUTE!
    have a great week and
    i hope you get some rest from those little sweethearts.

  2. Yay! So glad you came this weekend! What a difference a year makes... :) Thanks for being a listening ear through it all. My mom had so much fun getting to chat "crafting" with you. And so glad you liked your gift- excited to see Tessa in those shoes...even if we have to wait a while.