great news!

oh hey... thought i'd pop in to let you know that this darling girl is POTTY TRAINED!?!
like, 100% totally and completely potty trained.
i have found myself at least 30 times saying "thank You Lord" & "praise You Jesus" in complete awe.
meaning, i have no idea how it happened... it just did. all Him, not me.

we went from this [the very first day] where she's crying for a diaper!?!

to loving her big-girl status. 
undies-wearing, potty-going, prize-getting is very fun :)

she even wore undies to her birthday party. we brought her little potty in the car 
[still hasn't warmed up to the big potty, at home or in public, but that will come]

best part is, i figured we'd do daytime and nighttime all at once and it totally worked!
4 out of 5 nights have been completely dry.
to say i am relieved and thankful and excited is a HUGE understatement.
[read my last experience with trying to potty train when she was just over 2yrs old: here and here]

i'll come back tomorrow and maybe give you a few pointers or tidbits of advice,
 even though i consider myself FARRR from an expert. 
but i do have some insight that i think is helpful.


  1. So many congrats!! I'm working on it with our little girl who is 22 months but I have a three month old as well so I'm far from completely committed to the potty training. She still isn't grasping the concept of telling me she has to go before she goes. Oh well. We will get there. Love the pony prize. I adored my little pony when I was little. Maybe I can offer that as a prize for Annabel. Maye she just needs a tad more incentive...

  2. hey Jennifer, i plan to elaborate a bit more in my post tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. but also, i'll say that i tried when Reese turned 2 and it did not work at all. and i was so frustrated and defeated over it. i think she wasn't ready and neither was i! so there's no harm in waiting a little bit if you're feeling like it's just not clicking. Reese just turned THREE, so really, no harm in waiting :) but again, i'll have more tomorrow!

  3. YAY!!!!! Hallelujah for not having to buy diapers(for her anyway) anymore! That's a huge relief to the budget:)