a sunshine-y rainbow-y 3rd birthday

** don't miss the discount codes and free printables at the bottom of this post :) **

so if you follow me on instagram [alyallen1], you know that Reese turned three last week. 
May 14 was her big day, but since my husband had a meeting that night and wouldn't be able to celebrate, we just acted like her birthday was Tuesday [which was the 15th]. 
since she can't read a calendar and has no idea either way, it totally worked!

Tuesday morning she woke up to balloons in her room

we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast

and sang happy birthday and she blew out a candle

and i hid her little gifts around the house. since i spent a total of $10 on all the "gifts", i thought this would make it more exciting. i don't know if i'll do this every year, but it was fun... so i probably will.

so that evening, all her grandparents & great-grandma came over for burgers/hot dogs and cake.

oooohhh the cake.

i had seen the rainbow cake around for awhile. i can't remember what jogged my memory, but it was probably shauna talking about these guys on instagram... and it hit me, ah yes! the rainbow cake! i knew i had to make one for Reese's birthday. so i searched, and of course, the rainbow cake was pinned a bazillion times.

the only tweaks i made to the recipe? i used boxed white cake mix and betty crocker made my buttercream frosting. nothing from scratch. i was nervous enough about the rest of the process, so i didn't want to add on the homemade aspect. too much pressure and it wasn't worth it for me. i was mostly going for the awesome look of it. and you know what? it tasted awesome, and looked like i'd spent hours. those are my favorite kinds of tricks :) to say i was elated would be an understatement!

so, here's the before. the anticipation was literally killing me since i had no idea how it would turn out:

she absolutely LOVED when we started singing. 
like for that moment, all attention was totally and completely on her. she soaked it all up.

annnnd after:

amazing right? i loved how the colors were a little more bright and neon-ish than the recipe. 
there was no way i could add enough food-coloring to get those deep primary colors.

in case you can't tell in the background there, 
i made some cute little prints to go with the "you are my sunshine" theme.
yes, this is the third set that i've designed. but it was so perfect! 
anyway, i added them at the bottom of this post in case you want to print them out :)

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and now for the free printables that i used for Reese's birthday ---

just click on it, and it'll open larger in a new window. 
right click on that and save to your computer. open it up and print.


  1. What an awesome job you did! I love the cake, it's so pretty. To me, the colors are actually prettier than the original. We're having a "rainy days" party for my daughters birthday in September and this is all perfect! Thank you so much for sharing the printables too!

  2. the rainbow cake turned out really great! did it taste good? I know sometimes a lot of food coloring can change the flavor.

    I also love all the printables you made! so sweet! thanks for sharing them. :)

  3. I love cake and ice cream. Have a great weekend.

  4. Loving those You Are my Sunshine prints! Beautiful! And that rainbow cake? MAJOR mama points to you :) New follower to your sweet, little blog!

  5. New follower from Top Of The Page.

    Love your blog and can't wait to read through some older posts. My daughter just had a rainbow party in february and it was awesome!

  6. ok, i will never ever be able to make that cake. you make it sound easy but all those different color layers make me nervous! but, oh my, it looks gorgeous!!

    happy birthday to your sweet girl.. my littlest turned 4 on 5/17 :)

    and one last note, you are always so generous. thank you for sharing these adorable printables!

  7. This is all so precious. I love it! Happy Birthday, sweet little one!

  8. Can we say AWESOME!!!!! I love it all. The cake is adorable and her name is just precious! That is my maiden name and is spelled just like that with a "s". :) So, I'm a huge fan. I am new here and your new follower. I am loving your blog so far. Just adorable.

    Happy Thursday!
    ♥ Stephany

  9. Oh my goodness, I love these prints, I'm definitely going to have to use in my daughter's big girl room makeover, can't wait to hang it up. So pretty! Thanks for sharing:)