some winners and a fun new thing

i'll come right out with it since i know you're all dying to know which three of you won the $40 shop credit!

just so you know i'm telling the truth, that's the screenshot from rafflecopter 
right after it chose the three winners at random...

i have just emailed you. can't wait to hear back from you :)

if you didn't win, i thought this little announcement might be a fun consolation prize. what do you think about my new idea:

every week i want to put three prints on sale for half price. buy one, buy all three, whatever! they're only $6 each! after the week is over, they go back up to regular price, and three more get discounted. 
i think that sounds fun :) this week's discounted prints are:

so go shop! these three are $6 for this week only. yay!
this applies to all color combinations, by the way.
there are lots to choose from, for each design.
just look through all the photos in the listing, 
and let me know which one you want in the message at checkout.
[custom colors are not available for half price prints]

1 comment:

  1. Oh my holy awesomeness - I have never won anything like this before and I am so totally excited!!! I love your blog and your shop, and I am SOOOO excited to go on my little shopping spree! THANK YOU!!! :) God Bless!