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fun facts

in light of the big announcement on monday, i didn't want to do much serious blogging this week. so i thought, what if i tell you a few fun facts about myself?

1 | i have my bachelor's degree in history from San Diego State. i often look back and wonder how in the world i actually did all that work, while being a wife and working full-time. i don't wish to go back to school anytime soon. or ever.

2 | my husband and i are high school sweethearts. we started dating my sophomore year, his freshman year. we got married a month before my 21st birthday. you can read more in this series, and here and here.

3 | i'm what some people might call "crunchy". even though i hate that term, i call it "natural" instead. this is a post all its own. maybe next week.

4 | i used to work with kids. my very first job was summer camp at a school, and i continued to work at that school until just before i got pregnant with my oldest. i ran after-school daycare and summer camps through college, and then i taught fifth grade for one year after graduating.

5 | i'm also a real estate agent. like, i'm licensed and i've closed a few deals over the last 7 years i've been licensed, but please don't call me to sell your house. i have no idea what i'm doing. my husband has no greater dream for me than to become an official full-time working real estate agent when both my kids are in school. he already knows i share no such dream ;)

6 | i've lived in san diego my entire life. actually, within a one mile radius. a little slice of heaven we like to call "rancho".. for our first year of marriage we lived in coronado, so that's the one year i've lived anywhere but rancho. [oh, and the nine months we lived with my inlaws about 10 minutes away doesn't count, right?]

7 | my parents moved out here while my mom was pregnant with me so my entire extended family is on the east coast. i grew up just the five of us. i have an older brother and a younger brother. since we didn't have any family, our church and our neighbors became really important to us, and that's who we'd spend holidays with.

8 | i am such a melancholy girl. so many feelings swirling all the time. i don't know how my husband keeps up with me. but really, this is why i need to know Truth so desperately.

9 | i'm an introvert too. totally need alone time to stay sane. and though these are not the same, i'm very shy in new groups. one-on-one i'm easy to talk to and not awkward, but if there are multiple people, i can't just break in to the group easily. i was painfully awkward and shy until i met my husband who is the exact opposite and started learning a few tricks from him.

10 | my biggest dream is to be a songwriter. this is all i want in life. the end.

11 | i can remember first and last names of kids in my kindergarten class. i remember specific dates and events and milestones and all kinds of crazy details from my life that i don't ever say out loud. because then people would think i'm crazy. and they would be right.

12 | i played volleyball from 6th-12th grade. club teams and everything. took private lessons and traveled. pretty intense. i'm only 5'2" so i just played the back row :) but i still thought i was pretty cool. i wasn't as good as that all makes me sound. but i rocked the spandex shorts and everything, you guys.

13 | oh, i should mention that i was a cheerleader my freshman year. this was a terrible betrayal of my volleyball roots so i went back to it the next year.

14 | i never had that "college experience" that most of you probably had. i just drove there for class and went home. i did "move out" with my best friend for 6 months in our own apartment and thought i was pretty cool. and then i got married half-way through college. that was weird, being married in college. so i was happy to finally graduate and feel like a real adult. i don't necessarily regret this, it's just different.

15 | i worked at TGIFridays summer after high school until the summer we got married. worked my way up from hostess to busser to waitress :) "thank you for calling TGIfridays in Rancho San Diego, home of the Jack Daniel's Grill, this is Aly, how may I help you?" yes, we had to say all of that to answer the phone.

16 | in 2008 i went to italy with my family. our family of five, my brothers and me and my parents. we left the very night that i finished my year of teaching [what a whirlwind]. my husband didn't join us. he just didn't have the desire to go, if you can imagine. it was pretty incredible to finally see all those things i'd studied about.

17 | finally, and apparently most important: i'm a seasonal starbucks orderer:
during fall = chai lattes
after thanksgiving thru new year's = peppermint mocha [half the pep, half the mocha]
the rest of the year = latte, one pump vanilla.
[side note: my entire college degree was fueled by peppermint mochas. i used to drink only those]

ok, now it's your turn: tell me a few fun facts about you!

and if you haven't already read about the kingdom collection, please read here... would you also consider sharing that post on facebook or twitter or instagram, if you can't buy any prints? thank you!


  1. loved this post, aly! i went back and read the story of how you and your husband met, etc. in high school! y'all are so cute! :)

  2. loved reading this...I was like, oh I live in SD, too...then I was like "rancho? i wonder if she means rancho sd?" and you did...small world...i work at a church in el husband grew up in rancho. :)

  3. I love learning more about about my favorite bloggers/friends :)
    never heard of the term 'crunchy' but then I don't get out much.
    and i used to be an extrovert and now have morphed into an introvert.
    i do one playgroup a week with my friends and i only do it because i know
    it's important for my little one to get out and see her friends. otherwise, if it
    was up to me, i'd stay in my house and putter away at my projects. i'm boring now. oy.
    ah, you make me miss san diego! xoxo!

  4. this is so me: "my parents moved out here while my mom was pregnant with me so my entire extended family is on the east coast. i grew up just the five of us. i have an older brother and a younger brother. since we didn't have any family, our church and our neighbors became really important to us, and that's who we'd spend holidays with."

    yup. yup except that my parents are from the bay area (cali) so it was just me and my bros growing up and I'm closer with some of our neighbors than my extended family. They are my true aunts, uncles and second parents.

    And I only live a half hour from my parents-- I've never left the area I've lived in (Seattle area) and I don't ever want to move, so I'm with you there.

  5. p.s. I love your "crunchy" fact b/c living in Seattle, i'm probably "crunchy" too. :)


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