mercy triumphs [week 2]

day two was huge for me this week. it definitely dovetails in with what God has been teaching me lately about stepping out in faith, and putting my money where my mouth is, so-to-speak. finally making it clear who i'm going to serve.

basically, James says hey: if you want wisdom, ask God. but believe that you're going to get it from Him. don't be a doubter. don't be double-minded. those kind of people are unstable.

honestly? i've thought of myself as unstable a time or two. not in a dangerous sense, but just so tossed and wayward sometimes, you know? sometimes we'll listen to whatever gets our attention fast enough. but God says to stop. to ask Him. and He will give us wisdom. generously, without finding fault.

other translations say "without criticizing", "without reproach", "you won’t be condescended to".

i was so encouraged by the fact that i can ask God for anything, as many times as i need to, and He will never get sick of it, i am never too much for Him. He just wants a two-way relationship with me. and He know i'm dust, He knows i'm prone to wander, He knows i need a Father and that's what He desires to be.

i don't want to be "unstable". i don't want to doubt. i just want to take God at His Word and do what He says.

i don't want one foot in the Word and one foot in the world anymore, you know? i don't want to formulate the just-in-case plan B if God's way and His wisdom doesn't work for me. 

The Message [a paraphrase of the Bible] says it this way: "Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open."
this hit me so hard that i had to make a print. and i'm sharing it with you all in case you need the reminder too:


  1. Oh wow! I love this!! That verse in the Message version really hit me, too. How many times have I asked God for something but in the back of my mind I contemplated a plan B. So convicting. I want to be completely trusting. thanks for sharing this! And that print is awesome! I'm pinning it :)

  2. It was so awesome to come here and see that we were both SO changed by day 2 this week! the Lord so specifically gave me an answer to one of my "I need wisdom for..."'s ! That verse was also one of the ones that were really speaking to my heart and situation - thanks for the print out! totally downloading and saving to print when I'm settled into my new home with my husband when he gets back from Afghanistan!! :)


    1. Yes, I agree. So important just to literally write out what we need wisdom for! :D

  3. also - new follower :) i love getting to meet new friends via blogging :)

  4. So we didn't talk about Mercy Triumphs last week. My bible study starts up this tuesday and we are also studying Mercy Triumphs. I love that I will be able to chat with you and hear your thoughts as we go. I love the "Keeping your options open" interpretation of this verse. (I think I neede to run out and get a message bible)That is totally what the doubting is. I love seeing it put that way- It really stuck a chord with me tonight. You are making me really excited for tuesday and what lies ahead.
    Thanks friend!

  5. Loved that verse in Kings this week! I could have spent an entire day on studying that verse too! Thanks for sharing.. looking forward to reading more of your posts. Lord bless your Monday!

  6. Those are beautiful, that verse in Kings struck me as well. And yes, I do need that reminder...thank you for sharing it!