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on being crunchy

i mentioned it last week, that you could call me "crunchy". not in every single area, but there are a lot of things i do [and don't do] that would classify me as such... although for the record, i hate that term. i'd call it "natural" instead. i usually don't talk about this facet of my life because i feel like it's kind of weird, and also i just like to do what i do and not pressure anyone else to do the same. if someone asks, i'm more than excited to talk about it but i rarely bring it up.

i buy organic. if it's available organic, i'll buy it. however, i don't buy organic meat, even though i'd tell you that's one of the most important things. i just can't afford it right now. but, overall, if they sell it organic, i buy it organic.

i read labels. some of the things i avoid are:
- high fructose corn syrup [mostly because it is made with GMO corn]
- MSG [confusing, because they can call it anything they want on the label, disguising it]
- added sugar in things that shouldn't have sugar
- GMO ingredients [though this is not always labeled, if you're in California vote YES on prop 37 to require better labeling],
- and more.
** i avoid processed foods, in general, when i can. some things are tricky [like tortillas, when your hubby wants tacos] and i usually try to live by an 80/20 rule. 80% whole, raw, healthy foods and 20% of everything else. this doesn't always happen, but i'm mindful of it all the time which is a good first step for me.

i use all-natural non-toxic cleaning supplies. i'm not cool with those harmful fumes and chemicals. i love when someone else cleans my house for me, but i always hate the smell when they're done, and the idea of what my family is breathing in for the weeks that follow.

i try to eat, and feed my kids, as healthy as possible. i'm not as crazy about this as i used to be, because i don't want anyone to turn out neurotic about food, but i do talk about healthy foods a lot and discourage sugar where i can.

i only use this sunscreen on myself and my kids. 
and that's only after we get 10-15 minutes of sun exposure, to make sure we get enough vitamin D.

i use this as body wash and face cleanser

and this as my moisturizer

unless absolutely necessary i don't take medicine [same for my kids]. at the first sign of a sore throat, i gargle hydrogen peroxide & water, or drink salt water [in fact, i try to drink a saturated glass of salt water everyday]. i'll load up on the vitamin d and vitamin c, and i'll cut out all sugar until i'm not sick anymore, which is usually a day or two. i rarely rarely take pain relievers unless i just can't function without it. that's maybe once or twice a year. i'd rather sleep, drink more water, anything but take medicine. i really believe that God has created most everything our body needs, and through nutrition and natural remedies, we have all that we need to be healthy, for the most part.

take some form of probiotic daily. your gut is like a second brain. and it's one of the most important pieces of your immune system! so i drink kefir. it's really good and you can just get it at trader joes. obviously yogurt has live cultures, and you can get protein powders that have them too.

there are a few other things i do and don't do, but i don't think i'll mention them since they're a bit controversial. maybe another day...

i feel like there's probably so much more i'm just not thinking of, because it's so normal to me now. and of course there are areas that i'm not so natural:

i don't use cloth diapers
i had 2 c-sections
i use formula...

there are certain times and areas where i just know i have to be more flexible. you can't do it all, and you can't drive yourself crazy trying to. i've found it's really important to ease into everything. i started researching when my first daughter, Reese, was born three years ago, and have made consistent little changes ever since. if i had tried to do it all at once, i wouldn't have stuck with it. it would've been too overwhelming for me and i would have given up on it quickly, knowing myself. but since i've just made little changes along the way, gotten used to them, and moved to the next area, it has totally worked for me.

there are still areas i plan to change, including:
- deoderant/antiperspirant
- toothpaste
- shampoo
- add an omega-3 supplement like this one

if you have any questions, or want more info, please ask me! i love sharing :)


  1. I love this. I am just starting to journey to be a bit more crunchy :) I love hearing all the practical things you do, definitely gives me an idea of where to start. I would also like to hear the more controversial stuff :)

  2. i am trying to move to a little more of a natural approach to some things. especially when it comes to my children's health. i am notorious for not taking medication (although sometimes i go a little too far. like not too long ago when i ended up with borderline pneumonia because i didn't want to take anything. and the meds aren't so much a lifestyle choice...i just don't like the way most OTC stuff makes me feel!) we eat a ton of veggies from our garden or from local farmers, the only meat we buy in the store is chicken (my husband hunts and fishes) and not much of that because i'm not thrilled with the amount of hormones and steroids they pump into poultry. organic isn't all too readily available in my small hometown, but we get it when we can. we are also making our own laundry detergent and loving it! i have pinned some natural household cleaners and am excited about giving those a whirl too. love your list and thank you for sharing some of the products :)

  3. We do a lot of these things too! You're really is such a journey, making small changes little bits at a time. Only because you mentioned it at the end, I had to chime in that I've made my own deodorant for almost three years now, and I looove it! Also, I'm not sure if you were looking for a natural shampoo or if you've heard of "no-poo", but I've been "no-poo" for about three months now, and love that as well! :)

  4. I'm so glad you wrote about this.. i read your earlier post before
    and was wondering about the type of things you were doing.
    i'm slowly trying to switch over to more natural house cleansers.. soft scrub is my favorite because it cleans so well.
    little by little though.. thank you for posting, this was so useful!

  5. Finally getting a chance to read this!! I love it. I agree 100% with the 80/20 rule. I even wrote that in my recent blog post. I've only gone crunchy with good and some make-up/face wash but the food was the biggest thing for me. I'll have to pick your brain on stuff.. ;)


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