red cup love

we're gonna talk "first world problems" today. you know, the kind that really don't matter in the scheme of life, but we can't help ourselves?

i snapped this screen shot of the #redcup hash tag on instagram last week.

if you don't know what i'm talking about you're obviously new around here. and when i say "here", i mean 21st-century America. the iconic starbucks red cup for the holiday season that comes out the day after halloween? it's lovely this year.

but i'll tell you why i'm sad.

because i haven't walked into a starbucks for anything except one unsweetened black iced tea in over a month. and i'm a girl who frequented starbucks, and had a special addiction to chai lattes in the fall. sadly, i think i drank three total chai lattes before i decided to give them up. and i know you're wondering why, so i won't drag this on any longer.

i'm lactose intolerant. not horribly, but when i drink something like a latte which is mostly milk, it doesn't sit well in my tummy. so all these years i've been ordering soy milk at starbucks. that's awholelotta soy. and contrary to popular belief, [unfermented] soy is not good for you. out come the crunchy claws. sorry, i have to burst that bubble. soy is not a health food, but furthermore, it can cause a litany of health issues, including hormonal/thyroid yuckiness. i gave it up to see if that would make any kind of noticeable difference with some minor issues i was having, and i think it's helping.

if anything, it saves me money.

for now, i'm holding out for starbucks to add almond milk and/or coconut milk to their menu. so listen, if you're crazy like me, google "petition starbucks for coconut milk and almond milk" and you'll find lots of petitions you can sign. who knows if it'll make a difference, but it doesn't hurt to try. until then, i'll just enjoy my occasional venti iced tea and save some trees with all the red cups i won't be using.

and PS: if you haven't entered Leslie's giveaway, today's the last day! go enter!


  1. Oh sweet friend we need a coffee date! Have you tried the apple chai? I don't like warm milk (coffee or chocolate- weirdo I know) so I've been drinking these for a while now. It's basically apple juice instead of milk. It tastes like a homemade spiced cider. The apple juice is pretty much all sugar but surprisingly it's lower in calories than with milk. I've been looking for a more cost effective yet calorie friendly option to make at home..I've tried a few things, but nothing is really doing it for me. Maybe it's that red cup :)

  2. Oohhhh almond milk at Starbucks would surely be dangerous for my check book. I don't drink cow's milk either, and avoid soy at all cost. Although I cheat for the occasional chai latte and whatnot. :-)

  3. I'm lactose intolerant so I would LOVE almond milk at Starbucks (for my tummy and the added health benefits)