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the no brainer blog [eBook tour & giveaway]

so i have something super fun for us today! do you all know Hayley, from The Tiny Twig? i'm sure you do, but if not, you have to hop over and check out her blog. she's the one who wrote "The No Brainer Wardrobe" last year that basically went viral? yeah, her. 

so, because she's pretty much the expert, she has released a new eBook called "The No Brainer Blog: casting your vision, defining your voice, and refining your space" and you guys, it's good. it's the all-encompassing handbook, the only thing you'll need to figure out how to make your blog work for you. 

just a few months ago i was wondering if i could really make this thing work. blogging, i mean. i figured there was probably an x-factor, you know? i knew there was a lot of work involved, but mostly just luck.

well, her eBook [combined with the mentorship group i've been participating in] has gotten me thinking: i can do this. if you need some extra confidence, some invaluable tips, the step-by-step-how-to-grow-your-blog-and-do-what-you-love... then this eBook is for you! trust me! it's filled with stuff you've never ever thought about, i can promise you that.

i invited Hayley here to answer a couple quick questions so you can get to know her and a little more about why you need to read this eBook! she's the sweetest thing...

I started blogging when I had my first son in 2006, but didn’t start Tiny Twig until 2010.  I initially wanted to keep family up to date on our growing, but out of town, family.  However, as the months went by it became obvious to me that blogging was a legitimate new form of media.

Seeing that I could create valuable content in The No Brainer Wardrobe 31 Day Series was huge.  The fact that the traffic was so wild in that month lead me to try to write an eBook with a more expanded and thorough look at the subject matter.  When I saw that the eBook really sold and that I could make a very real part-time income through different revenue streams made me open my eyes to the opportunities that were out there. 

However, I didn’t happen into anything.  In the summer of 2011, my husband and I sat down and really noticed that blogging (and the business of being online) really fit a lot of my core skills.  Being that I am a project/time-bound type person, we decided to give blogging a real go for a year.  In that moment, I gained the full support of my husband to really go for it, but I also committed to looking at my blog as a business for a full year.  That was a good kick in the tail to make decisions that would allow me to sustain the business for a full year, even if I ended up hating it!  I haven’t hated it, and it’s become such a blessing to our family.

I wish I felt like there was an arrival.  I don’t think anyone ever feels like they’ve arrived.  It is a simple truth that there will always be someone bigger and someone smaller than you.  However, when I began setting goals and actually meeting them--that showed me that I was succeeding on the terms I’d set for myself.  It didn’t feel capricious or lucky, it felt like I was being rewarded for my hard work and the directions I was moving.   

I think there is a natural desire to have a benchmark to know when you’ve succeeded.  I think the only way you’ll continue to enjoy blogging is if you set your own benchmarks in short durations (I like to set quarterly goals).  If you allow other people to dictate your success, then you’ll likely be let down.  If you set your own goal, and then make an action plan for how you’ll meet those goals--you’re much more likely to be invested in the process and proud of your results. 

That said, making relationships with people I have looked up to has made it feel like I’ve reached a point of being taken seriously and that always helps!

so much wisdom, right? well, the No Brainer Blog is full of this and other practical tools and advice to help you grow your blog whether for fun or for profit. if you write a blog, you need this eBook!

and now that you're convinced, you can go buy it right here.

*** giveaway is closed, but you can still head over and buy your copy right here :)

[don't you dare think i forgot about cyber monday. check out the details here]
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  1. I bought (and read) Hayley's book the first day it came out and it really have me that nudge I needed to take my blog seriously. I'm curious about this mentorship group? How does that work and where did you find the group?

  2. I would LOVE to win this ebook! :) is this really how you enter? just a comment?! YAY! :) i hope you had a fabulous holdiay weekend!! xo!

  3. I would absolutely love to get this e-book! Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I bought her first E-book and could really benefit from this one. Sign me up! :)

  5. Oh I am want to read this! Would be wonderful to win!!

  6. Thanks for hosting this giveaway -- I'd love to read the book!


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