this post is for you [some gift ideas]

i cannot believe it's already thanksgiving week. every year, it seems to sneak up even faster than the year before, doesn't it? well, i have something fun for you today.

if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, this post is for you.
if you have a few more people to buy for, but you're losing momentum, this post is for you.
if you're the kind who likes to tuck in a few little extras into someone's gift, this post is for you.
if you do lot's of stocking-stuffers, this post is for you.
if you're on a tight gift-giving budget this year [like me] this post is for you.

and since every one of you will fall into at least one of those categories... this post is for you :) i wanted to show you a few gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list this year. everyone's got one or two of those right?

first up, the obvious: prints from the shop!

second, i wonder how many of you know that you can get blossom & vine on other things besides paper?
well, i have a store with zazzle.com and some of my favorite products are iPhone & iPad cases:

you order straight from the zazzle store, and they manufacture and ship straight to you! the quality is excellent and their turn-around is super fast too. visit my store to see all iPhone and iPad case designs, other than just the ones pictured above.

thirdly, and also available from my zazzle store? enlargements on all my prints! check out the drop-down menu on the right side of the listings to see all the sizes. again, they print and ship straight to you.

check out the rest of the store for lots of other items: notebooks, postcards, pillows, stickers, and more!

happy shopping! and don't forget that 25% of all sales for november and december will be donated to hurricane sandy relief, so you'll be helping others in the process of crossing off a few people on your Christmas list! it's a win-win friends!

aaaaand just because i feel generous, use "FREESHIP" for free shipping through Thanksgiving! 
* code only available in the etsy shop, and only available for U.S. customers *

* affiliate links used for zazzle products

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