lake tahoe

we've been coming up to lake tahoe since i was twelve. each year, around christmastime, we would take a ski trip. some years friends would come, some years my boyfriend [now my husband] would come. and as we've gotten older and gotten married, we've continued the tradition as regularly as possible. the two years that i was pregnant, we didn't come, but other than that it's been something we look forward to all year.

and how could you not, with this view?

i started skiing at age five, and with our yearly trips, i think i got pretty good at it. around eighth grade, i thought i'd be much cooler if i started snowboarding. for some reason the switch was not easy for me. it wasn't easy being a beginner again, you know? i think i was about 16 when i finally swallowed my pride and took a private lesson. it was the best thing i ever did. i finally learned how to turn the other way on the board.

i taught my husband, who caught on in like two days, and we had been boarding ever since. last year he decided to start skiing instead. in all honesty, it's more convenient. you don't have to unstrap your back foot every time you get on the lift, strap back in when you get off, or worry about the more level parts of the slope, keeping up your speed. if you snowboard, you know what i mean. what a pain!

so he made the switch and i think he's officially a skier now. i tried switching last year and honestly, i felt like a beginner again. it's such a bummer to not feel confident and leisurely. i hated feeling like i was always planning my next move. so i ditched the skis and went back to my board this year and couldn't have been happier! i know i probably look silly, a 28 year old mom of two [who truthfully looks like a 14 year old boy out there] but it's fun. i'm not trying to show off or impress anyone, and i just feel comfortable and relaxed on the board. plus i don't have to worry about keeping my knees together or those darn ski tips crossing over each other.

anyway, i know i'm rambling. but i just love the mountain. and days like this, sunny and clear and breathtaking? are absolutely indescribable. just complete perfection. our God makes beautiful things out of nothing, doesn't He?

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  1. What a gorgeous place! I went skiing a few times with the ski club in high school but to be honest with you, the biggest attraction was my boyfriend(now husband:)) The things we do for love!:)
    On the other hand, we got about 8 inches of snow here yesterday so I don't feel like we're missing out on the "winter wonderland." Its beautiful!