a little Sunday shopping

i'll be the first to admit that zazzle.com has a lot of cheesy stuff for sale. like suuuuper ugly. but i also know there are tons and tons of cute things too! so i did a little scouring and wanted to bring you some things i love, and thought you might love too.

 red floral      |      woodland       |      elephants      |      black floral      |      rainbow

 black & red    |       pink & lime      |          aqua & black         |          lavender & aqua  

okay, how much do you love these vintage hot air balloon posters? i'm a little bit obsessed right now, and pretty sure i want to do an entire wall of them in different sizes. what do you think?
1                               |               2               |                              3

all the vintage hot air balloons can be found here

i'm loving these keep calm posters. how cute?!
bake cookies      |      bake on      |      eat candy      |      bake cupcakes 

[regular price, just $16 for a 16x20 poster!]
and there's more here here. i seriously can't decide which is my fave, they're all so darling!

 happy sunday friends! i hope you have opportunity to bake some cupcakes today.
and eat some for me, too :)

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