natural living: sardines

if you follow me on instagram, you've seen this a few times:

looks yummy, right?

well those are sardines mixed with avocado and black bean, served on toast with spinach, tomato and mustard. seriously good. and crazy good for you.

sardines are a superfood, basically. they pack a crazy amount of omega-3s that we barely get enough of in our american diet, but they don't have all that mercury that's a danger in pretty much every other fish. that's because they aren't alive long enough to soak it all up. add in the fact that they can be stored for years in those little tins, and you've got yourself an amazing food.

now i know what everyone is thinking: sardines are gross. and sure, they look a little strange when you open up the tin. they might smell fishy, it's true. but it's really a mind-over-matter kinda thing, until you get everything mixed up.

if it's your first time, just start small. use 1/3 of the tin with a whole avocado. honestly, you won't even know they're in there. smash it all up with some black bean or whatever else you can think of, sprinkle in some himalayan sea salt + pepper + paprika, and you're good to go.

lay that on a piece of ezekiel toast, over generous bed of spinach, topped with mustard, and you've got lunch. sometimes i'll add a side of hard boiled egg or tomato, or if i'm really fancy? sweet potato fries.

i just challenge you to try it. mind-over-matter, just try it. as times goes on, you'll be able to add more sardines or less avocado, but the main thing is, you know you're eating something that is seriously amazing for your health. i eat this about 3 times a week.

let me know if you try it, or if you vary the recipe at all. i love sardine converts!


  1. i may have to try this out...i'm a big fan of avacado (BOO to subway for discontinuing it as a sandwich topping option!) and spinach. i'm also a fan of mustard, black beans, and tomato. maybe all those pros will outweigh sardines? actually, i've never really TRIED sardines so maybe my distaste for it is much ado about nothing ;)

  2. Okay, but I just need to know what to expect when I open the package. Is it like little fish looking at me? Because truly I don't know and THAT is what freaks me out the most. :-) But I am totally willing to try it!