new year's resolutions

Well friends, it's a new year! Another chance to reinvent ourselves, try new things, make commitments that we really intend to keep. In junior high and high school, I used to make a list of resolutions before each school year. They would always look something like this:

1. Curl your hair everyday
2. Be on time
3. Don't be so awkward and shy
4. Dress cuter

The only trouble is that I could write them out today and they'd still apply. Late everywhere, not that cool and not that fashionable, a hopeless procrastinator, painfully slow at getting things done, a perfectionist to a fault: you know, human.

As the years have gone by and countless lists of resolutions have remained unconquered, I've started to wonder if maybe God made me this way? Maybe He had a perfect plan for all those imperfections? Maybe they would serve to unlock a creativity and an introspection and a compassion in me? Maybe they would reveal an overwhelming need for Grace, for a Savior, for Someone who loves me just as I am, who could wade through my mess to love me and protect me and know me?

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