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the thing about being a grown-up

yep. laundry. the endless hamster-wheel and revolving door of laundry. it keeps turning and just when we feel like we've conquered it, there's more. it will never end. [yet we buy more clothes, the epitome of irony, right?]

my husband's grandma once told me that she stayed somewhat on top of the laundry by switching it every morning, first thing... and every night, last thing. somewhere in the day she'd fold and put away the one she took out in the morning. now, she also hung up what needed ironing, and carved out an entire day at a friend's house to iron it all, but i'm not quite there yet. sounds fun, but i'm not there yet.

i've had friends tell me that they just commit to one load. every day. and that seems to keep it under control.

so i'm going to implement a little rule like this for myself until it becomes as normal as brushing my teeth, drinking coffee, all those things that i just do out of habit? 

because thing about being a grown-up is that sometimes you just have to suck it up and accept the fact that some things are never going to change. some things will never go away. and laundry is one of them.

i'll let you know how i do.

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i'm curious, what are your tips for conquering the laundry? besides having your husband do it?


  1. I do all our laundry(hubby helps with other stuff, like cooking). I havent found the secret to conquering it; since Im back to work full-time, Saturday morning is my usual laundry day. But I have found that I must fold it right away or else it could sit for days in those baskets!

    1. me too! my problem is also putting away, otherwise it sits in the basket FOLDED for days and we end up getting confused about what's clean and what isn't and it gets rewashed... so annoying!

  2. I do all my laundry in one day. I stay on top of it like a maniac. Like, the second I hear the washer stop, I switch it over. The second the dryer is done, I fold. (Obviously I would finish up a task like eating lunch or changing a diaper, lol) I usually keep it all on the kitchen table until all the loads are done, and then put it all away. Otherwise I feel like I'd be tripling my work of putting it away. But I just stay on it all day long, start to finish. It's a lot in one day, but it's worth it. :)

    1. i'm impressed by this, amy. i kind of wonder what's easier- getting it allll out of the way, or just doing a little each day? i think i would put off a set "laundry day" too many times until we had no clothes left. so i don't know if it would work for my procrastinator self.

  3. I'm home 3.5 days a I do one load each of those full days. I use my .5 day for catching up, or folding, ironing, and getting it all put away. If I was rich, I'd hire a full time chef and someone to do all my laundry...clean sheets every day would be so dreamy!

    1. clean sheets everyday? NOW you're talking :) i hate washing the sheets, because of the inevitable making-of-the-bed later, you know? and a chef would be incredible too. we can dream, i guess...

  4. I do it in bursts, and for a whole day. and I have a crazy sorting system so it stays efficient. it's sorted by person (kids grouped though) and then by thing, so that when it's dry, i have one action to do for the whole load, whether it's folding all the pants, or hanging all the shirts, or rolling all the socks and pjs. so kids gets done in one day (they put away the next), mine gets done like a week later, all in one day, i catch up on linens once in a while, and hubs...well, he didn't love the way i did things, so he's on his own :)

    1. yes, i remember your method Les! i'm impressed by this too. more impressive is that your husband does his own, even if it was because he didn't like your method. take whatever "help" you can get, right? i do the kids all in one day too, but it's like 3x a week because either they don't have that many clothes or maybe they just get them dirty really fast? can't figure it out.

  5. I...... I just end up waiting until my husband tells me he is almost out of boxers. But right now there are only two of us. and this reminds me... i still have some jeans in the dryer!

    looks like i have not conquered it yet. it still has me!

    i am a new follower!

    1. oh my goodness... i do the same! he's like "babe, i can't go to work, i don't have any pants. or shirts. or really anything." so hopefully i can figure it out with this method. we'll see!

  6. I wish I knew how to conquer the laundry at our house. It's so difficult. I just let it pile up sometimes until there are no clean clothes. Then I HAVE to do it. OMG I know that's horrible!

  7. oh the laundry! the 2nd most hated chore on my list (first is cooking).
    I have seriously tried everything and have found that if i do it ALL on one day then it works best for us (as the previous person commented above). I have tried to do a load every day.. and it just doesn't work for me. then it feels like i'm doing laundry it's like one more thing on my to do list and frankly, i just can't add anymore things. so i do it on a sunday or mondays and i do all the clothes. like the previous poster said, the key is to get to the washer and dryer as soon as its chimes. and now i use my front room table to lay out the clothes. that way i get it done.. because then otherwise baskets are so easy to just push aside and ignore. good luck with whatever routine you find. oh, and it does get easier when the kids are older.. then they are responsible for putting away their own clothes. (sa-weeeettt!!) :)


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