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behind the print: ephesians 2:10

last week i started a little series called "behind the print" because i want you to know my heart behind each of the prints that i design and offer in my shop. they're not just verses that i've picked at random. most of the time, they're not even really verses i think you would like, i'm sorry to say. usually they're verses that have had an impact on me, or are impacting me right now, that i just have to design. it's a form of worship and it's an opportunity to thank God for the Truth He's teaching at any given time. sure, there are a few that i just think are great verses or i know they'd be popular, but that's not most often the case.

my heart is just recently starting to believe this and understand the gravity of this beautiful Truth. God's workmanship, His girl, created to do good works and He's already planned them out? i mean, it's heavy. yet it's freeing at the same time. i love the mystery and wonder of that, don't you?

this year i have a strange feeling. there's a bridled anticipation that God is beginning a specific work in me and through me. i've been praying for it, i've been waiting and watching. i think i see little flickers of it starting to sprout and i'm nervously excited, cautiously hopeful. i just want to be willing, throwing off everything else that taunts me and keeps me in fear. rejecting the lies and running to the Truth with all the strength i can muster, where He sets me free and sets me on His course.

ephesians 2:10 gives me the courage and the right to dare.

i made these little cards for myself and printed out like ten of them in wallet size. i tucked one in my wallet, one in my purse pocket, one in the car, and then hid them in little places around the house where i know i'll see them often. i need it to soak my brain and my heart and begin to change my thinking and my actions. the lyrics are from here, and ephesians 2:10 wraps it all up at the bottom.

[feel free to print that little guy out, if you think it's something you'd benefit from reading]

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  1. Love this! And gosh, that little card. So powerful. Maybe you already do this, but I'm thinking that a set of little memory verse cards would be a huge hit. WAY cuter than my scraps of paper. Thanks for sharing these posts. Love seeing what inspires.

    Dana at Happy Little Lovelies

    1. Dana, that's a great idea! i will consider that for sure! i have some here:

      but i should make some cuter ones for sure. thanks for the idea!

  2. I really love this, Aly. That verse recently struck a chord with my heart and then I saw it in your new prints and I HAD to have it. It is now framed in my house. Just a reminder to me that God does have a plan for me. Seeking Him is the most important. Good deeds apart from Him are just filthy rags. I'm loving this. and thanks for the printable! :-)

    1. yep, a plan that's bigger than our wildest dreams. how amazing is that?!?

  3. Your print is so nice but it's your card printable that is striking a chord with my heart this week. Heard a sermon on that very thing yesterday in fact :) Definitely printing it out. Thank you SO much!


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