behind the print: Isaiah 40:11

i think it must have been Beth Moore who first acquainted me with this verse. she's always so full of encouragement for mamas with young kids, always pouring so much Grace over us. i remember the days when i believed that i had to have it all together: i had to wake up before my kids and have my quiet time, i had to complete all the days of Bible Study "homework" and have plenty to add to the discussion. i had to pray for a certain amount of time about a broad range of topics every single day.

and i remember those days were full of lots of condemnation and guilt and not much heart change or growth. it was more about checking it off the list, which didn't happen frequently enough for my standard, instead of genuinely hungering and thirsting for time with the Lord. 

one day, i absolutely do want to implement a daily before-the-kids-wake-up quiet time. absolutely. but "before the kids wake up" is anyone's guess these days, you know? could be 3am, could be 8am. sometimes there really is a physical need to sleep during those hours.

i pray constantly, almost like an ongoing conversation throughout the day. i read His Word daily. but it's just not at a set time every single day. and that's okay. who says we're supposed to have it all together anyway?

i love the freedom and peace and beautiful picture of God's grace that this verse gives paints. He sees me. He knows it's exhausting. He offers grace and i just need to believe it and receive it.

anyway, to say that i loved designing this print is a gross understatement. the little mama and baby animals? they just completed the whole picture for me. i literally wept when i printed out the finished product. i know, call me crazy. because i am.


  1. I love this (and I love hearing more about each print)! As someone who is about to become a momma (in July), I have been considering what my "routine" will look like when the little one comes and taking this Lent season to make quality quiet times a priority, giving myself some grace with what time of the day they actually happen.

  2. I heart you Aly. Today I got caught up on bible study homework and felt "what is the point if I'm just doing it as a chore?" I needed this post today.

    You continue to bless me <3

  3. Oh this is so beautiful!!! I love hat print and it's on the list of prints I want to order when I get more moola! ;) (I have two on the way, I am SUPER excited about!!)

    And just amen to the whole post. I could go on FOR DAYS about quiet times and the guilt we (unnecessarily) place on ourselves in this area. Beth Moore is so encouraging isn't she? :)