christmas card early bird sale!

goodness this blog has been neglected...
i'm here because i wanted to tell you about the holiday/christmas cards that appeared in the shop today!
there are 8 different designs to choose from and THIS WEEK ONLY they're on sale at 50% off, as sort of a grand-opening-early-bird special.

the fun part is, even if you don't have your family photos done yet, you can still order a card today as sort of a pre-order, but wait until you have your photos ready to customize and finalize everything. if you order one card and decide after getting photos taken that a different card will look better, we can easily "exchange" designs! (i won't issue refunds, though, just a switch to another one of my designs).

here's how it works:
1) go here and buy the one you like
2) send me an email or etsy convo with your photo and last name you want on the card (first names if applicable)... if you don't have your photo yet, no problem, just let me know!
3) i'll make the changes and send you your customized file, that you can use to print anywhere you want
(i'll give you my suggestions for where to print just in case you have no idea).

want a sneak peek? oh well, since you twisted my arm :)

 (for the one above i just used instagram photos!)

all of the photos used in the cards above are by melissa sniff
(except for the corkboard where i used my own instagram photos)
check her out here!!


  1. question! is the $9 the half price?

    1. Hi Grace! Yes, the $9 is half price. normally they will be sold for $18. Thanks for asking!